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Play by Cory Uehara
Smoke by Natalia Rudomin
Trip Bandana by Doublenaut
Only Found In Space by MadeByStudioJQ
Malle London Collage by John Mata
AI version of Raymond Scott’s Electronium by Yuri Suzuki
Furniture Branding Pattern by Reagan M. Hicks
Personal identity XX: Exploration by Philip Demir
Stipple Brushes for Illustrator by Anna Tikhomirova
Save the USPS – Rain RISO Print by John Mata
Sexy Pattern Michael George Haddad
Gdynia Design Days 2020 by Ada Zielińska
redBlu Branding Ty Dale™
Niks by Ross McCampbell
Favourite patterns 🌈 by Lucie Bajgart
Branding AI by Halo Graphic
Neighborhood Goods Tractorbeam ®
SL_12546 by Matt Pamer
KARAI – Japanese Restaurant Branding Álvaro Pareja
Picto Patterns by Kemal Sanli
Colours 288 by Ika Margania
Geo Pattern by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)
Worry by Ryan Putnam
Peel 02 by Ryan Putnam
vincer Gabriel M. Ramos
starry eyes by Mariela Pena
Vintage color explosion by Christos
Geometric urban landscape illustration by Christos
Well, Helllo! digital painting by Christos
Contre-Courant, 2020 pattern exploration by Mailka Favre
Poster for Event Series by Erika Tarte
On repeat by Spencer Gabor
Exhibition《Everywhere There Are Kids》By Cheng Peng
Design by Elvis Benício
Mahogni Brand Identity Design By Baianat
Round21 X Adhemas Batista
Colourful abstract pattern by Emma Jayne
AIGA Design Camp 2019 by Studio MPLS
Target MNUFC Mural @ Allianz Field by Eight Hour Day